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Three 5" Magnet Tripod Cb Antenna Mount (LPAD) (595)

Three 5" Magnet Tripod Cb Antenna Mount (LPAD)

Three 5" Magnet Tripod Cb Antenna Mount (LPAD)


The tripod Cb antenna magnet mount is best for any antenna but the single magnet should also work for the Wilson 5" and 10" shaft Trucker antennas, most steel whip antennas with a low coil and most fiberglass antennas under 4'. If you hit an object with the whip on the single magnet mount it can be knocked lose more easily than the tripod magnet mount. The tripod is very secure and also grounds a bit better because of the larger magnetic surface that is available. I don't recommend using radios over 100w or amplifiers over 300w with any magnetic mount no matter what the antenna is rated at. It's the ground connection that will be poor or fail, not the antenna. Doing so may damage a very high power amp or radio. For very high power you need a metal-to-metal ground. Magnet mounts ground through the paint via magnetic lines of force. It 's a fair ground but not suitable for very high power units. The tripod does handle high power a little better than the single mount.

*Magnet mount, three 5" magnets
*SO239 stud


Click here for RG8x mobile coax. The option for two PL259 ends soldered is recommended for most.

Click here for RG8x coax with one removable end for threading through small holes. Three lengths available 9', 12' or 18'. Both PL259 ends included.

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