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Wilson Cellular phone booster amplifiers and antennas are top of the line equipment. When a Wilson cellular amplifier and cellular antenna are used together they can boost a cell phone signal form zero to six bars which can easily increase the range to fifty miles or more on flat land virtually eliminating signal drop out. Wired (Direct Connect) or wireless cellular amplifiers are available. The Wilson 12" magnet mount cellular antenna is recommended for cars, SUV's and pick ups. The Wilson no ground Trucker cellular antenna works well on 18 wheelers, motor homes, boats and buildings. The Wilson Yagi directional cellular antenna is recommended for in-building use. The Wilson 800MHz cellular amplifiers work for most service providers and come in wired or wireless types. Cingular is using the 1900MHz band more frequently. The dual band Direct Connect (wired) cellular amp is recommended for Cingular customers, especially in metropolitan areas. If you have Sprint or T Mobile you should use the dual band cellular amplifier as they have recently been switching to the 1900MHz system. Special Wilson cellular amps and Wilson cellular antennas are available for Nextel cellular customers. Nextel has their own cellular band so Wilson has designed cellular amplifiers and cellular antennas that are tuned specifically for Nextel cell phones.

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Cellular Antenna - Nextel 12" Mag Mt#304202/304002 (1751)

*Tuned for maximum performance on Nextel (iDEN) frequencies
*Tri Band 806-866MHz, 836-939MHz, 1850-1990MHz
*Increases range by 50%
*Gain: 6.0dBi
*Externial antennas elimnate all microwave energy radiating into the head

*Recommended Accessories:
-Wilson Phone Adaptor
-Coax cable antenna extension, if needed

List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $29.95
You Save: $20.00 (40%)
Cellular Antenna - Nextel 12" Mag Mt#304202/304002

Cellular Antenna Nextel 15" Glass Mt 304201/304001 (1756)

*Tri Band 806-866MHz, 836-939MHz, 1850-1990MHz
*Built in ground plane
*Connector: FME Female
*Mounting hardware & adhesive included
*14 of RG58 coax included

*Recommended Accessories:
-Wilson Phone Adaptor
-Wilson coax cable antenna extension (if needed)

List Price: $54.95
Our Price: $39.95
You Save: $15.00 (27%)
Cellular Antenna Nextel 15" Glass Mt 304201/304001

Cellular Antenna Nextel NMO (Mt Separate) #3042003 (1759)

*13.88" Nextel Only NMO Antenna
*Mount sold sepatately
*Tri Band 806-866MHz, 836-939MHz, 1850-1990MHz
*5.8 dBi
*Metal ground plane required
*Click "View Detail" for NMO mounting options

List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $19.95
You Save: $10.00 (33%)
Cellular Antenna Nextel NMO (Mt Separate) #3042003

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