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1. New RCI99-1 ten meter

2. NEW Ranger RCI 99N2 ten meter

3. NEW Ranger RCI 99N4 ten meter


5. Ranger RCI Superior Long Horn N6 **IN STOCK NOW **

1. Galaxy Dx99V2 Dx 99 V2 ~ Dx-99v2 *BACKORDERED
2. Galaxy DX 47HP 10 Meter Radio
3. Galaxy Dx33HP2 Galaxy Dx 33 HP 2 *Backordered*
4. Galaxy Dx98VHP Dx98 VHP * Back Order *

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The Cb radio Peak & Tune below is recommended for our radios. There is also an option to have a Modulation Upgrade which includes the tuning. Tuning also includes any necessary adjustments and a visual inspection of the radio. If we do a visual inspection of your Cb or 10 meter radio this means the odds of getting a defective radio are very slim. This is strongly recommended if you are outside the US due to return shipping cost.

Tuning is available for most radios (excluding hand-helds). The Modulation Ugrade, tuning and echo install options are listed on the "View Detail" page of each radio. It is best to view and select your tuning and echo options on that page. The options listed are what is available for that exact radio. Not all tuning, talk-back, echo boards and upgrade options are available for every radio.

On this page you can also order echo boards and meter LED's installed or not installed.

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Align Radio For Best Performance (Peak & Tune) (702)

Click "View Detail".


Modulation Upgrade and/or Amp Set Up (Installed) (703)

Click "View Detail".


Warranty, Repair & Return Information (708)

Click "View Detail".


Colored LED Meter Light For Cb's (701)

Brighten up your Cb radio with these cool colored LED lights. LED's last much longer than a regular bulb.

*No Installation available

*Micro resistor included in wire
*7 color, changing LED, fast or slow fade
*5 other solid colors to choose from
*White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple
*This is only for the radios with the small rectangular Cobra 29 type meters.
*Click "View Detail" for price, color and Installation options

Colored LED Meter Light For Cb's

LT2N Cb Radio Echo Board - NO WARRANTY (704b)

Installation available with a Cb radio purchase. For mobile Cb radios like Galaxy, Cobra, Ranger, Uniden and others.

LT2-N Echo Board: (pictured) Medium echo length. This is a bit more difficult to adjust for clear sound. Smaller board and control for tight mounting locations.

Installation instruction are not included with all echo boards. You can fnd instructions on-line.

*WARRANTY NOTE: There is NO WARRANTY at all if you install it yourself. It is very easy to blow the echo board or the radio with the slightest mistake.


Our Price: $44.95
LT2N Cb Radio Echo Board - NO WARRANTY

CB Radio Talk-Back (installed) (705)

*Allows you to here your own voice through the radios speaker or an external speaker.
*The talkback sensitivity(volume) will vary with different types of mics and speakers.
*You may get feedback if a power mic is used.

List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $15.00
You Save: $15.00 (50%)

Super Talkback for 10 meter radios (installed) (705b)

*Makes talkback twice as loud.
*For mobile radios only
*Available for Ranger,Connex,Galaxy,General & Superstar radios.
*May have some feedback with standard mic
*Astatic 636L mic recomended (1st)
*Road King RK-56 or CDL-56 mic recomended (2nd)

*This mod is not needed in the following:
-Radios with a variable talk-back control
-Galaxy DX45MP, DX48T, DX93T, DX95t
-Connex 4300, 4400HP, 4600t, 4300-300

List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $20.00
You Save: $15.00 (43%)

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Our Price: $1.00

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