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Warranty, Repair & Return Information (708)


This page is for items that were purchased from us. It can also be used for repairs. We repair most models of cb and 10 meter radios that we sell. (we do not repair scanners, radar and other equipment).

Our warranty and the manufactures warranty is for repair only. Please read the Warranty Policy below.

It is best to simply email us and explain your issue to start or just complete this form. Emails are usually answered within an hour to a few hours but give us one business day to reply before sending us a reminder. Occasionally emails do not come thru.

If we do not answer the phone during business hours this means that everyone is already busy with a customer. It is best to contact us via email when possible.

With two way radios we often find that you may simply have a switch or knob set wrong or may have something hooked up incorrectly. We will ask you a few questions to determine if you actually have a problem and what the problem may be. The problem may be in the antenna system, power wiring or microphone. We try to avoid you sending an item back that does not have a problem to start with as this is obviously a waste of your time and money. You may also be instructed to send the item to one of our factory warranty centers.

Fill out this form. Give a short reason for the return or description of the problem in the box provided (100 character limit) there is also a comment box on the next pages of the form. If you need to send more information send an email.

Include your GI order# in the text box at right if you bought the item from us. You may use your original GI order number for the RA number (return authorization). If you do not have it your RA number will be your GI order number that your are given after completing this form. Please clearly print the number on the outside of the box you are returning. (Ex: RA GI-123456)

Click "Add To Cart" then "Proceed to Checkout" and complete the return form.

**When prompted for your payment option in the check out choose "Call In (Also Returns & Exchanges)".

Print your return form when prompted on the last page. Send a copy in with your item assuming you have a printer. If not make sure the RA number is on the inside and outside of the box. Pack the item well using foam peanuts, newspaper ect... to pad the item. Use a secondary box like the one you received the item in. If the radio/item box is damaged this my deduct from a refund. 

Warranty and return policy: 

Most Items have a 90 day to three year manufactures "repair only" warranty. GI Joe's store warranty is 14 days for "repair only" on electronic items (4-16-13). Most warranty repairs on radio equipment are handled by the manufacture warranty centers. It is faster if the customer sends to them directly. 

You pay shipping to GI Joe's or the warranty center, GI Joe's and the warranty center will pay shipping back to you (continental U.S. orders only). All other locations are responsible for all shipping cost. You are responsible for return shipping if there is nothing wrong with the item. Minimum 20% restocking fee on returned items that have been opened used or tried out. If you received the wrong item do not open or use it. Items  must be returned in original condition in the undamaged factory packaging. Scratched, damaged or "used looking" items can be sold back to us as used at about 50% of our price. Electronics items must be returned inside a sturdy secondary box using Styrofoam, paper or other materials to pad the item.

If you received a package with obvious damage from shipping (torn or crushed box) the customer should immediately contact the transport company and ask that a representative come to the location to inspect the box and damage. If the shipping company is responsible for the damage their insurance may cover the damage. In this event GI Joe's will send you a new item and the shipping company reimburses GI Joe's later.

The warranty does not cover RF damage, such as blown radio output transistors (finals). This type of damage is caused by improper use. Please phone us for instructions before returning an item. We often find that there is not a problem with the item. Often a switch or knob is set wrong, or it is being used incorrectly. Proper operation and installation of the equipment is your responsibility. Radio problems (poor range, cutting in & out) are often in the antenna system or mic. Some minor radio issues will not be covered (ex. Slight warbling sound on Transmit or receive, Slight frequency drift). If someone else has tuned or worked on the item this does void our warranty as we can not be responsible for the work of others. GI Joe's is not liable for errors in product descriptions or pricing errors. GI Joe's is not responsible for customs delays for international shipments as we nor the transport company have control over this. If the customer request for a shipment to be left at an alternate location (front porch, garage, office ect..) other than being hand delivered. GI Joe's nor the transport company shall be responsible for the delivery or condition of the package and contents.

The customer must contact GI Joe's Radio for instructions on returning an item for warranty repair. The customer must use GI Joe's or another repair facility that we have authorized such as the factory repair center. If any unauthorized repair facility or person is utilized this voids your warranty with GI Joe's. GI Joe's does not reimburse for work preformed by unauthorized persons. If a radio or other item has a broken warranty seal or appears to have been worked on or modified by the customer or other unauthorized persons this voids the warranty with GI Joe's. It is up to GI Joe's or warranty center technicians to determine if unauthorized work has been preformed.

Do not allow other Cb shops to retune a radio that we have already tuned. This is a common scam. Nine out ten shops you walk into will tell you it needs retuning or modification. Your radio will likely never need to be retuned. Contact us if you have questions on this.

GI Joe's expects customers to conduct their selves in a civil manner when contacting us or our authorized repair centers. GI Joe's reserves the right to discontinue all communication with persons using foul or threatening language via phone, email, in-person or via other means of communication. Follow our warranty policy and we will do everything within reason to resolve the issue. GI Joe's is an A+ member with the BBB. The BBB states that GI Joe's and the customer are bound by this warranty policy.

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