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Align Radio For Best Performance (Peak & Tune) (702)




Peak and tune Cb or 10 meter radios. Cb radio tuning $30. Add $10 for the modulation upgrade to make the transmit audio much louder. Cb tuning includes increase audio power, align the transmit, receive and more.


Tuning options are listed on the View Detail page of each radio on our website. If you are buying a new radio it is best to select your tuning options from that page as not all tuning is available for every radio. If you are not sure what to get I would select "Modulation Upgrade" if offered, if not select the "Align For Maximum Performance". 


Alignment Includes:


*Increase audio output power without audible distortion.
*Align receive

*Adjust transmit and receive meters if needed

*Adjust squelch threshold if needed

*Adjust frequency

*Perform a visual inspection of the radio, radio controls and functions. Inspect circuit board for manufacturing defects.

*Remove modulation limiter (unless other wise noted)


*Tuning is not available for hand held radios.


Note: 80% to 90% of our seasoned customers ask for the Audio Power (modulation) limiter to be removed. If you prefer us not to remove this please state "Do not remove limiter" in the special instruction box in the checkout process. Removing the limiter will increase the audio power by 20% to 50% or more depending on the radio. Removing the limiter will also cause slight "clipping" of the modulated sine wave on a scope. This bothers some techs. However it does not cause noticeable audible distortion or shorten the life of the radio.

In most 10 meter radios with built in amplifiers (radios over 60 watts) the limiter will be "adjusted" not removed. Removal may cause noticeable distortion and other various problems.

If you plan on using a radio to drive other equipment also see Modulation Upgrade. If you get the Modulation Upgrade (modulation kit or mod kit) your radio will work it's best with or without an amp. Radios we have tuned that have a variable RF Power setting are tuned to drive most common amplifiers when adjusted to the Lowest RF power setting. 


There are many various opinions about how a Cb radio or 10 meter radio should be tuned. I am sure you have heard every radio shop say their tuning is better than everyone else's. There are some radio shops that do an acceptable tuning job. There are some that under tune or do nothing and some that severely over-modify radios, some that only clip the limiter and nothing else. The worst thing is to severely over-modify them as this can cause various problems, squealing, humming, overheating the finals. Severe over-modification usually voids your factory warranty leaving your warranty in the hands of whomever did this to the radio to start with.


Tuning can make a significant difference in performance. Once we have tuned a radio it typically never needs to be retuned. If we tuned your radio do not allow anyone to retune it. It's just a waste of your money. Of course nine out of ten radio shops you walk into will tell you that your radio needs some type of retuning or modification that only they can do properly. This is most often nothing more than someone making an excuse to get money out of you.


With that said sometimes you may have an under tuned or over-modified radio that should be un-modified or retuned. There are some people who do over-modify radios.  How do you know who to trust? Well that's a difficult question. I am not going to put down our competitors or make a list of good and bad shops. I know of some who do a fine job, some that do nothing that would justify spending money with them and some that do the severe over-modifications that are usually severely over-priced.


For the people who buy from GI Joe's and get tuning options I can only ask that you not allow others to retune your radio. We do honest work. We never retune radios if  they have a near decent tune already done to them. It's a waste of your money and just bad business.


If you think your radio has a problem email us and we will discus possible causes and determine if you should send it in for us to check.


Also see our Warranty - Repair and Return information.

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   Modulation Upgrade 1-4w Key w/Align(Makes It Loud) $55.00
   Align for Maximum Performance Tx & Rx $45.00


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