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Uniden PRO520XL Cb Radio - Uniden PRO 520 XL Cb (1206)

Uniden PRO520XL Cb Radio - Uniden PRO 520 XL Cb

 Uniden PRO520XL Cb Radio - Uniden PRO 520 XL Cb

Uniden Pro 520XL low cost compact Cb radio. Tuning, antenna, cigarette adaptor options available. Fast world wide shipping. See the antenna and cigarette adaptor information below to make your installation simply. The Uniden PRO520XL is thin enough so that you can simply slide it in-between the front seat and console on many vehicles. The PRO 520XL also comes with a mounting bracket and screws for dash mounting.

The difference between the Uniden Pro 510XL and PRO 520XL is that the 520 XL has an RF Gain control to block unwanted noise. The RF gain is Similar to a Squelch control but the RF gain does not block as many low level radio signals. The RF Gain allows you to decrease the signal of other nearby Cb radios to prevent them from overdriving your radios receiver. RF Gain is a handy feature to have.

*40ch Mobile Cb Radio
*Volume, Squelch, RF Gain
*4w-7w Factory Output
*Compact Size
*Front Mic Jack
*Ext. speaker jack
*S/RF meter
*Dimensions: 4-1/2" W x 6-3/4" D x 1-3/8" H

Make your Uniden PRO520XL installation easy with a Wilson antenna. Several to choose from. The Little Wil 3' magnet mount is short, simple and provides an average 3-5 mile range. For 2-3 miles better range try the 5.5' Wilson 1000 magnet mount antenna. A single antenna placed in the center of the roof or trunk will work best. Longer antennas will have much better range.

Select the cigarette lighter adaptor option at right to make your installation easy. The Pro 520 XL power cord is wired directly into the rear of the radio and does not simply unplug. The optional high quality cigarette adaptor will be soldered onto the end of the power cord.

An inexpensive SWR meter and 3' coax cable jumper is also recommended to set your antenna. Antennas must be tuned to the vehicle to function properly and to prevent damaging the radios output circuit. Antenna tuning is achieved on most antennas by sliding the antenna rod up and down. Simple antenna tuning instructions are included with the radio, antenna and SWR meter.

Uniden PRO520XL Owners Manual:


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Align Radio For Best Performance (recommended) :
   Align for Maximum Performance Tx & Rx $45.00
   Align Tx & Rx with 1-4w key. (not for most users) $45.00

Add talk-back (hear your voice thru speaker) :
   Add talk-back only. (installed) $15.00

Solder Cigarette Lighter Adaptor To Cord :
   Cigarette Lighter Adaptor - Soldered $10.00

Make it a Base with a Pyramid 120Vac power supply :
   Add PS7KX $39.95
   Add PS14KX $68.95
   Add PS26KX $149.95
   Add PS36KX $169.95
   Add PS52KX $324.95


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